There are some deductions on the schedule A that are not longer deductible

they were called unreimbursed employee expenses

  • cellular use of your phone for work

  • usage of your vehicle for business purposes (not commuting)

  • union dues

  • uniforms

  • tax preparation fees

  • safe deposit box fees

Payroll deductions

Be aware that the withholdings on your payroll taxes were lowered so you are prepared at the time to do your taxes, you might notice a little bit more money coming from your paycheck but at the time to do your taxes you in some cases will get less money on your refund.

Adjust your w-4 accordingly

2018 income taxes

we are not expecting too many delays 

but remember the government shutdown and even on a regular optimal season there is always a normal backup on the returns  


normal backup+ government shutdown + new laws to enforce +irs employees being trained late = some delays

hopefully won’t be too many

have a great season


Please bring a copy of birth certificates of dependents

copy of social security cards

proof of address for everyone  

and we need w2s. We cannot do electronic filing with check stubs